Medical Staff

Medical Staff

Annamaria Stenger MD

dr. Stenger Annamária

(office): I. Kerületi Gyermekorvosi Rendelő
1012 Budapest, Mikó utca 12. Hungary
Phone: 0036-1-375-71-73
Mobilephone 0036-06-209878406

Place of birth: Budapest, Hungary
Date of birth: 19th April 1962.
Nationality: Hungarian
Family: Married, two children

Education and Positions:
1968.-1980. Preliminary education in Fazekas Mihály Elementary and Secondary School of Budapest
A-level specializing in English language

1980.-1986. Semmelweis University Medical School of Budapest-medical student

1986. Doctor of Medicine

1986.-1994. University assistent-permanent position at Semmelweis University Medical School Budapest
Department of Pediatrics No II.
Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Ward
director: Prof. Schuler Dezső

1990.-1992. Postdoctoral research fellowship in Pediatric Oncology and Medical Genetics:
Gaslini Childrens Hospital Dept. of Hemato-Oncology Genova, Italy. Analysis of different oncogenes and cell cycle releated genes in pediatric neuroectodermal tumors like /neuroblastoma, brain tumors/, their level of amplification and expression in the tumor samples. Supervisor: prof. Luisa Massimo, M.D. Dr Bruno de Bernardi, M.D. Gian Paolo Tonini PhD.

1991.Exam for speciality in Pediatrics
1992.Doctor of Medicine, medical liscence exam for European Comunity Universitá degli Studi di Genova, Italy Facolta di Medicina

1992.-1993. Postdoctoral research fellowship at the laboratory of DNA replication of Wellcome/Cancer Research Institute University of Cambridge, England. Purification/ with monoclonal antibody/ of 6H2 protein involved in eucariotic DNA replication using a cell free system derived from eggs of Xenopus laevis. Supervisor : prof. Ron Laskey and dr Colin Dingwall PhD.

1994.-1995. Postdoctoral research fellowship at the laboratory of molecular genetics of Giannina Gaslini Children’s Hospital
Genova, Italy. Positional cloning of the genes responsible for Hirschprungs disease from chromosome 10 deletion ( q11.2- q21.2 ) observed in a total colonic aganglionosis. Supervisor: prof. Giovanni Romeo

1997.-1998. Research fellow at San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park Milan, Italy. Research work on the field of molecular oncology: biochemical and biological analysis of tumor growth factor ( TGF-alfa ) regulation in human tumor cell lines. Supervisor: Laura Beguinot, M.D.

1998.- present Fix positian as school doctor pediatritian at Budapest II. district govermental health care service.

1999.-2006. Maternity break from fix position

1998.- 2002. Medical Representative at Smith Kline Beecham Pharma Co. Sales work on the free vaccine market selling Engerix B vaccine
( against Hepatitis B infection ). Coordinating the sales work on
half of Budapest area achieving that 80% of the target population became vaccinated with Engerix B. Organizing scientific meetings on secual transmitted diseases. At several districts of Budapest for. eg. V. district and XIII. district succeded to maintain governmental support for vaccination of the local inhabitants.

Professional Societies

Hungarian Society of Pediatrics
Hungarian Society of Human Genetics
European Society of Oncology
European Society of Human Genetics
Hungarian Society of Pscychiatry and Psychoterapy

Languages:English ( International English Language Testing System Univ. of Cambridge-very good user )
Italian ( Hungarian State Languge Examinations-high level )
German-basic level

Scientific Courses:

5th Course of the European School of Medical Genetics FEBS
Held from 5.-11. April 1992. Sestri Levante Italy

Training Course on Pediatric Oncology European School of Oncology 11.-15. June 1990. Visegrad, Hungary

Gli oligonucleotidi in Bioligia Molecolare Scuola Internazionale di Scienze Pediatriche Giannina Gaslini 17.-19. Maggio 1990. Rapallo, Italy

Training Course on Pediatric Oncology European School of Oncology 19.-24. April 1993. Vienna, Austria

Referees: Prof. Ron Laskey
President of British Society of Cell Biology
Hutchison/MRC Research Center
MRC Cancer Cell Unit and
University of Cambridge/Cancer Research UK
Department of Oncology
Hills Road
Dr Colin Dingwall PhD
Neurodegeneration Research Department
Glaxo Smith Kline
New Frontiers Science Park
Harlow, CM 19 5AW
Prof. Karoly Horvath
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology
22. S. Green St. N5W70
Box 140

List of Publications and Abstracts


1. A teophillin reneszánsza a szérum monitorozás biztonságában.
dr Stenger Annamária, Kisrákói Csilla, dr Schuler Dezső Gyermekgyógyászat 39:111-121. 1988.

2. N-myc Oncogene amplification in a pediatric case of glioblastoma multiforme.
Anna Maria Stenger, Maria Luisa Garre, Armando Cama, Luciano Andreussi, Massimo Brisigotti, Gian Paolo Tonini, and Paolo Cornaglia Ferraris.
Child’s Nervous System 7: 410-413. 1990.

3. Expression of Multidrug Resistance Gene, MDR1 and N-myc oncogene in an Italian Population of Human Neuroblastoma Patients. Maria Valeria Corrias, Paolo Cornaglia Ferraris, Daniela Di Martino, Anna Maria Stenger, Edoardo Lanino, Luca Boni, Gian Paolo Tonini.
Anticancer Research 10: 897-902. 1990.

4. Expression of histone H3 cell-cycle releated gene, Vimentin and Myc genes in pediatric brain tumors. A preliminary analysis showing the different malignant cell growth potential.
Anna Maria Stenger, Maria Luisa Garre, Luciano Andreussi, Armando Cama, Francesco Callea, Masimo Brisigotti, Giovanna Fabretti, Daniela Di Martino and Gian Paolo Tonini.
Molecular Brain Research 13: 273-275. 1992.

5.Chlorpromazine inhibits the membrane phospholipid biosynthesis in the human lymphocytes.
Stenger Am, Keszler G., Spsokukotskaja T., Sasvári-Székely M., Virga S., Staub M..
Sent for publication to Current Drug metabolism 03/11/2004.


1. Molecular characterization of a chromosome 10 deletion ( q 11.2- q21.2 ) observed in a total colonic aganglionosis patient.
A. Puliti, G. Martuciello, M.Lerone, A. E. Covone, M.P. Bicocchi, A. Bolino, L. Ying, A. Stenger, V. Jasonni. G. Romeo.
The American Journal of Human Genetics Volume 51, N0 4. Oct.1992.

2. Stenger Am., Töröcsik András, Adam Vizi Veronika.
The effect of alfa2 agonistst on the Na chanels.
15th scientific Meeting of Student Researchers at Semmelweis University Medical School, Budapest p. 112. 1985.

3. Stenger Am., Garre M. L., Cama A., Tonini G.P., Brisigotti M., AndreussiL.
N-myc amplification in a 7 years old child affected by glioblastoma multiforme.
Congress of Brain Tumors in Infancy and Childhood
Brussels, October 1989.

4. Cornaglia Ferraris P., Andreussi L., Garre M.L., Stenger Am., Cama A.Tonini G. P., Sansone R.
Basi genetiche della transformazione maligna a impatto del analisi molecolare dei tumori solidi di maggior frequenza in pediatria.
Convegno Associazone Pediatri Ospedialieri, Torino November 1989.

5. Corrias M.V., Tonini G.P., Stenger Am., Cara A., Cornaglia Ferraris P.,
Farmaco resistenza genetica nei neuroblastomi, mancanza di correlazione tra espressione del gene MDR1 e la risposta alla terapia in 28 pazienti.
XVII: Congresso Nazionale AIEOP ( Associazione Italiana Ematologia ed Oncologia Pediatrica ) Firenze, Aprile 1990.

6. Garre M.L., Stenger Am., Cama A., Tonini G.P., Brisigotti M., Ravegnani M., Andreussi L., Cornaglia Ferraris P.
N-myc amplification in a case of glioblastoma multiforme.
2nd Annual International Symposium on Pediatric NeuroOncology.
Philadelphia, May 1990.

7. Dominici C., Sansone R., Cavazzana A., Castello M., De Bernardi B., Cornaglia Ferraris P., Stenger Am., Tonini G.P.
Age dependent prognostic significance of N-myc amplification in Neuroblastoma. XX Meeting SIDP ( International Sociaty of Pediatric Oncology )

8. M.V. Corrias, D. Di Martino, A.M. Stenger, A. Cara., G.P. Tonini, A. Rizzo, e P. Cornaglia Ferraris
Amplificatione ed espressione del gene per la multidrug resistance ( MDR-1) in pazienti affetti da neuroblastoma. Mancanza di correlazione con larisposta alla terapia.
Associazione Italiana Ematologia ed Oncologia Pediatrica Congresso
Nazionale XVII. Firenze, 26-27-28. Aprile 1990.

9. Maria Staub, Gergely Keszler, Zsolt Csapo, Tatjana Spasokoukotskaja, Maria Sasvari-Székely, Annamaria Stenger and Zygmund Kazymierczuk
Activation of deoxycytidine kinase by deoxyadenosine and by other deoxynucleosid-analogues in different cells.
12th European Cell Cycle Conference February 10-14, 2001. Mayrhofen/Tyrol/Austria